About us

Hi! That picture you see on the right is not a class photo from high school: it's US, already a team of over 60 LiveKid members.

Today we're all working on a well-known app for preschools and nurseries, but the whole story started with a nursery founded by the mom of one of the creators.

Several dozen enthusiasts in their respective fields were united by the opportunity to work not only on the best product on the market, but most of all on one that truly responds to the real needs related to the management of an institution.

LiveKid Team
LiveKid office in Cracow

Our office

And in the picture on the left you can see Matthew, the second of the application's creators, who is pointing out where our current office is located.

It is behind these walls that we write thousands of lines of code, talk to directors, support, record, create and solve problems.

And sometimes we even manage to do seemingly impossible things.

Maybe you will join us?


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