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The most effective system for pre-schools and nurseries in the EU. Communication with parents, settlements, documentation.
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Application for kindergartens and nurseries

GDPR compliant

Highest security standards and GDPR compliance.


Dedicated account manager

We provide you with the support of a personal account manager who will always be available on call.


Proven quality

4.8 stars from more than 2,000 users on Google Play.


User trust

LiveKid is trusted by more than 300,000 users from nearly 3,000 establishments worldwide.

Your mobile command center

With these features you will gain order, peace of mind and plenty of time.
Intelligent Assistant
Electronic journal
Staff management
Instant payments

Your finances under control

Through the application you conveniently issue bills and invoices. The system automatically generates the billing for the period, and the parent can see the individual components of the bill. Thanks to the application you can also calculate interest. The customer knows what he pays for, and you do not worry about liquidity!

Mobile payments

One your click and your parent has an account in the app. One click of the parent and the money is in your account.


In the system, you can generate and send invoices to individuals or automatically to everyone.

Chat with parents

All the chats in one place

No more text messages, phone calls, emails. Now you have all communication with parents in one place. You no longer have to worry that someone will miss a card on the board or miss an email - the information goes directly to the people concerned.


The app reminds the parent of new announcements, and you can check who has read them.


With individual and group chats, communication between the facility and parents is simple and transparent.

Funkcja inteligentnego asystenta LiveKid w ogłoszeniach w aplikacji mobilnej

Less work thanks to artificial intelligence

We are the only ones who have introduced artificial intelligence into the application for kindergartens and nurseries! And we did it to make your tasks easier and reduce your work time. Intelligent Assistant allows you not only to generate descriptions of activities or photo galleries, but also to create messages and announcements. You type in the most important information, choose the style and language, and wait for the application to do the work for you!

Electronic Journal

No more unnecessary paperwork

You keep your records electronically. You plan weekly schedules, framework day plans or parent meetings. You conveniently print out your logs in case of an audit.


You implement the curriculum without unnecessary paperwork - the application allows you to generate course descriptions directly from textbooks.


You add an English teacher or speech therapist to the app and create specialized diaries for them.

Wysyłanie raportów dziennych rodzicowi w aplikacji livekid

Statements and reports in the application

In the system you conveniently generate daily reports on the child's activity in the institution. The application will also prepare periodic statements on selected topics, such as child attendance, contracts or billing. This is an excellent tool that facilitates the management of the kindergarten and nursery, but it is also essential for all kinds of inspections.

Employee schedules

Good contact with staff

If until now you have been burdened with burdensome HR duties, from now on you will be relieved of them by the application. With a few clicks you can create a schedule, generate reports or assign tasks to employees.

Staff work schedules

You will easily arrange a schedule that employees can edit themselves. Thanks to the application, you always know who is at work at any given time.

Control over vacations

Employees report absences in the system, And you get a request to approve them. Everyone knows where they stand!

One system, many options

Become one of thousands of satisfied users and see what benefits our application will give you.

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Directors about LiveKid

  • Women avatar
    Nursery "Peas"
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „We, before LiveKid, used to make an 'application on a piece of paper'. And that was just a time-consuming problem! Moving this to the right place - i.e. LiveKid - is a completely different level of work organisation.”

    30 children in facility
  • Avatar Anna
    Bonjour Bebe
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „At LiveKid it's a unique relationship - customer service that we know by name, a dedicated person for the site, a specific person we can always contact - that's fantastic for me and the girls. We don't know something? One phone call and you know everything. There's also always someone to help 'click through' if there's a problem.”

    2 child care facilities
  • Women avatar
    Nursery and Kindergarten "Brzdące na łące"
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „I like this app simply! It is my management centre. It gives me an overview of what is going on in the facility, even when I can't be there in person. So I have a greater sense of control over what is happening. And parents feel that we are modern, which is a big image plus.”

    44 children in facility
  • Agnes
    Sports Non-public Kindergarten
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „There was no need to see if there were other options. After the first month, I could see that with the app, billing would take me 2-3 minutes. At that point I had no doubt that LiveKid had become my must have as a preschool director.”

    117 children in facility
  • Women avatar
    Non-public Kindergarten "Sarenka"
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „I can't imagine a situation where I would have to go back to the forms of facility management before LiveKid! What I appreciate most about the app is the contact and speed of information, the single channel messaging to parents and the accounts.”

    40 children in facility
  • Women avatar
    Integration kindergarten "Pony Land"
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „I had this fear in my mind - how will I get two hundred children into the system? How much time and effort will it take! Meanwhile, after one day everything was off the table. My tutor at LiveKid explained everything I needed to know, and it was possible to act practically straight away.”

    198 children in facility
  • Iwona
    Owner of the non-public kindergarten and nursery
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „I was most interested in the security issue. I paid a lot of attention to it before I made my decision. The solutions provided by LiveKid reassured me and were enough for me to make a positive decision and start working together.”

    2 child care facilities
  • Women avatar
    Pinocchio Nonpublic Kindergarten
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „The big plus about LiveKid is that it approaches the customer beautifully. There is never a lack of culture, a nice voice on the phone, cordiality. There is always a willingness to act, to explain, to help.”

    2 child care facilities
  • Women avatar
    Nursery "Rudolf"
    Ocena 5 gwiazdek

    „The development and opportunities I have been given to use are impressive! Although I have to admit that the app met my needs right from the start.”

    42 children in facility