Why is LiveKid cheaper than you think?

Gabriela Fejkiel avatar

The app saves me 30 hours a month on billing and meal orders is $10 an hour, my time is worth more!

Gabriella- director of the non-public kindergarten „The Garden of Talents”

Aleksandra Mech Nowak avatar

On ordering unnecessary meals I was losing over 200 $ per month. It wasn't until the app caught this, so it's a bit like earning it for me!

Alexandra- owner of the „Pyza i Ja”

Dorota Ochał avatar

Money and time is one thing... but peace of mind at the end of the day, everything tidied up, no phone calls at the oddest hours or FINALLY timely deposits - that's what I pay for :)

Dorothy- owner of nursery

No hidden charges!

Full access to more than 40 functions

Free and fast implementation of the application

Dedicated account manager always available on the phone

$75 - $269 net per month per childcare centre

Package prices vary depending on the number of children in the centre. All additional things are already included in the price.

Features to help with day-to-day management

Staff features


Plan staff schedules in your facility, create tasks to be completed and track progress on them.
Administration features


Generate necessary reports and settle bills with one click, and parents can easily pay them through the app.
Communication features


Send parents individual or group notifications and messages, create announcements and check who has read them!
Group management features

Group Management

Check information and daily plan in the daily and calendar diary. Control sleep, meals and attendance, among other things.