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Features for parent

Plan the absence

Mark the day and report the absence of the child with one click! The information will immediately reach the facility. You’ll not have to call and make sure that someone noted the information down. And if your plans change, you can cancel the absence just as quickly!
view of parents calendar
view of livekid announcements


Our virtual pin board is at your service at day and night. The application organizes messages for you, thanks to which you have easier access to them. You can also receive active links in the ads!


The application will show you the exact amount due for each month. After taking into account all the collected information, the system will calculate the sum of costs, which will allow to avoid errors in the accounts – such as excess payments. 
view of parent communicator


Thanks to the in-built messenger, you can easily provide the facility directly with all the important information. You’ll be able to choose if you want to contact a teacher or the principal. Your questions will be quickly answered.


All the events in your facility will be compiled in one place. You do not have to record the dates of meetings, performances or trips. You can check everything conveniently at any time in the schedule of activities in the application on your phone. 

view of child meals


LiveKid will allow you to plan individual menu to match the child’s actual needs. The facility will receive and take into account information on dietary preferences. You can easily provide your child with a balanced diet.


You can easily schedule reception hours to match them to children’s sleeping times. You’ll find out for how long they were resting and how much time they spent on playing. You’ll always be up to date with how your child spends time in the facility.

view of child sleep time

Photo gallery

Do you want to see how your child had fun on the trip a few days ago? Do you need souvenir from your child performance? Open the photo gallery in LiveKid app and see how your child spends time in his nursery or kindergarten!

Mobile payments

In the heat of all your responsibilities, it’s easy to forget about your payments. LiveKid will not only remind you of the bill that needs to be paid, but will also allow you to immediately pay for it. At the same time, the facility will receive information about your payment.

view of files disk

File disk

All important materials in one place? This is the main advantage of the file disk we created. You can open all the files as well as browse entire shared folders. You have everything at your fingertips!

Blog posts in the application

In LiveKid, you gain access to free parental knowledge that we acquire and develop specifically for you, using a variety of sources. In order not to miss anything, you will receive a notification in the app about each new article. 


All keepers who are authorized to pick up your child from kindergarten or nursery will be enrolled in the application. Thanks to this, educators will be able to mark who on the given day received their child.

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