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In LiveKid you can adjust the attendance panel to your needs. You’ll be able to fill in the data quickly, which will save some time for the children under your care. If you make a mistake – you can easily amend it. You’ll receive information on both general attendance of your child and specific times of its arrival and departure.


You’ll be able to plan all the activities in your facility, and the parents will immediately get access to information about them. You can also set the application to remind them about upcoming events at any time. This will keep them from forgetting about meetings or events that you have planned.

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It’s a virtual pin board, on which you can pin down anything you want! You can send an advert to a specific recipient or the group of recipients. You can also enrich it with active links. In addition, you will see who actually read your information. 

Invoices and checks

The application will collect proper data and submit bills for you. Then you can send it to parents and you will receive notification from them – immediately after payment! In addition, you can also quickly and conveniently send all invoices from a selected period to accounting!

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Move all the communication with parents to a single chat! This will allow you to stop verifying information from various sources – text messages, e-mails, and telephones. Share all important messages through a messenger in the LiveKid application. You can keep everything under control at any place and time.


If you add all the meals and assign them to individual children, the application will prepare catering order for the day. If parents report the absence of a child, the system will take this into account in the order. You do not have to do it manually. In this way, our clients are able to save up to 50 minutes in a day!

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Daily view

Do you prefer checking all data and have control over what is happening? This feature will allow you to verify all important information, such as: hours of arrival and departure of children, announcements, meals, bills at the end of the day. You won’t miss any detail – you’ll have a complete overview of all the information from the entire day at the facility.


Create tasks for your staff in LiveKid. You are able to assign a person responsible for each task. Thanks to that, you will organize your work easily and pleasantly! You can enrich the tasks with photos or create sub-lists of activities that must be performed as part of individual tasks.

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Work schedule 

Thanks to work schedule, you can plan not only working hours, but also any holiday, maternity or sick leave for your staff. Any change in the schedule will require your approval – unless you decide to leave employees full freedom in determining the schedule.

Child’s calendar

In the calendar you can check all the information concerning a given child. You’ll check if the parents have previously reported absence. You’ll find out what and how much the child ate, or how much it slept on a particular day. In the near future, LiveKid will be also able to calculate for you how many employees you need in a given time of day.

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Photo gallery

For sure during the classes there is a lot going on in your facility. Workshops, shows, trips and other fun stuff – with LiveKid you can share these moments with parents using our easy to use photo gallery! 

Mobile payments

The time for billing and tuition fees is approaching? With LiveKid you don’t have to everyday check your account balance or remind parents about payments. Our app enables their immediate settlement – literally in tens of seconds!

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We’ve created a file drive for you so that you can have all the important materials for your parents in one place! You choose what and where you want to share. You have the option of uploading individual files as well as creating entire folders.

Hours of attendance of educators

With this feature, you can easily save information about when your employees started work, and when they finished it. Thanks to this, you can count the working hours of your staff, avoiding paper attendance lists. With one touch you can mark the hour of arrival and with another one – the hour of departure. 

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Persons authorized to pick-up a child

In the application, you can list people who are authorized to pick up a child from kindergarten, thanks to this you will avoid situations where an unauthorised person picks up your child. In addition, by marking the child’s exit from the institution, you will be able to save information about who picked up the child on that day. 


Child’s card

In the child profile you can save many important information e.g. notes, which are only visible to educators. You can also assign individual diets for each child, which exclude certain allergens or dairy products. Moreover, the application will inform you, which children are having their birthday soon! 

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Blog posts in the application

LiveKid is not just a management application. We also offer you free knowledge, which we acquire specially to pass it on to you later! In your mobile application you will receive notifications from us regarding our latest articles and materials that we share on the LiveKid blog. 

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